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The Time Is Now

A pandemic, economic collapse, racial unrest, and foreign dictators interfering in our elections have brought our country to the brink.

30 million unemployed, and worst of all, over 180,000 American lives tragically lost, due to this President’s gross incompetence and strategic choices in his response to COVID19.

Donald Trump’s daily assaults on our nation’s founding principles pose an existential threat to the future of the Republic.

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Our Case for Joe Biden

Joe Biden has dedicated his life to steady leadership and public service. He has a plan to address the pandemic, to jump start our economy, and to rebuild our critical relationships with our global allies.

Joe Biden knows what it is to grieve, and to heal. He is a man of deep faith and compassion who sees the best in us as a nation, not the worst.

We do not suggest that Joe Biden will be a conservative president, but we know that he will be a strong, steady, American President, led by a reverence for the Constitution and a profound belief in “Liberty and Justice For All.”

Joe Biden is ready to meet this moment. We are ready to vote for him for President of the United States of America.

Latest News & Updates

Republicans and Independents for Biden Forum"

October 15, 2020

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Republicans and Independents for Biden Announces More Than 30 New Steering Committee Members and Virtual Forum on October 8th

October 7, 2020 -  Press Release

Announcing the addition of more than thirty new Steering Committee members, including key leaders in U.S. national security.

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Republicans and Independents for Biden Steering Committee

Governor Christine Todd Whitman

50th Governor of New Jersey, EPA Administrator (2001-2003) Chairwoman, Steering Committee

Governor Rick Snyder

48th Governor of Michigan

Governor Bill Weld

68th Governor of Massachusetts

Sidney J. Jansma, Jr.

Chairman Emeritus, Calvin Theological Seminary

Ray LaHood

*16th Secretary of Transportation, under President Barack Obama *

Rosario Marin

41st Treasurer of the United States, under President George W. Bush

Mary Peters

15th Secretary of Transportation, under President George W. Bush

William Reilly

Administrator of the EPA under President George H.W. Bush

Nancy Risque Rohrbach

Assistant to the President and Cabinet Secretary, under President Ronald Reagan

Senator David Durenberger

Former Senator from Minnesota

Senator Gordon Humphrey

Former Senator from New Hampshire

Rep. Steve Barlett

Former Congressman from Texas

Rep. Rod Chandler

Former Congressman from Washington

Rep. William Clinger Jr.

Former Congressman from Pennsylvania

Rep. Charlie Dent

Former Congressman from Pennsylvania

Rep. Charles Djou

Former Congressman from Hawaii

Rep. Mickey Edwards

Former Congressman from Oklahoma

Rep. Wayne Gilchrest

Former Congressman from Maryland

Rep. Jim Greenwood

Former Congressman from Pennsylvania

Rep. Bob Inglis

Former Congressman from South Carolina

Rep. Jim Kolbe

Former Congressman from Arizona

Rep. Steven Kuykendall

Former Congressman from California

Rep. Claudine Schneider

Former Congresswoman from Rhode Island

Rep. Joe Schwarz, M.D.

Former Congressman from Michigan

Rep. Peter Smith

Former Congressman from Vermont

Rep. Alan Steelman

Former Congressman from Texas

Rep. Dave Trott

Former Congressman from Michigan

Rep. Dick Zimmer

Former Congressman from New Jersey

Ryan Call

Former Chair, Colorado Republican Party

Karen Raye

Former Republican National Committeewoman, Maine

Rep. Gary Clary

Current Member of South Carolina House of Representatives

Sen. John McCollister

Current Member of Nebraska Legislature

Mayor Michael Taylor

Current Mayor of Sterling Heights, Michigan

Sam Campana

Former Mayor of Scottsdale, AZ

Jim Cunneen

Former Member of California State Assembly

Paula Dockery

Former Member of Florida Senate

Doug Hart

Former Member of Michigan House of Representatives

Mickey Knight

Former Member of Michigan House of Representatives

David Maturen

Former Member of Michigan House of Representatives

Dennis O’Brien

Former Speaker of Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Douglas Prescott

Former Member of New York State Assembly

John Ravitz

Former Member of New York State Assembly

Kevin Raye

Former President of the Maine Senate

Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff

Former New Jersey State Treasurer

Robert Andrews

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

Marisa Barthell

Former Intelligence Officer

Christopher Barton

Former Director, NSC Staff

Margaret Mankin Barton

Former Executive Director of the National Women’s’ Business Council

Brigham Bechtel

Former Intelligence Officer

Kevin Carroll

Former Senior Counselor to Secretary of Homeland Security

Thomas J. Gibson

Chief of Staff, EPA under President George W. Bush

Jim Haveman

Former Senior Advisor to Iraqi Ministry of Health

Randal Phillips

Senior Intelligence Service

Dennis Schornack

Commissioner on behalf of the United States, International Boundary Commission, U.S. and Canada

John Sipher

Senior Intelligence Service

Luis Alvarado

Former Press Secretary, California Republican Party

Scott Bean

Former Director, Republican Michigan State Senate Campaign Committee

Cathy Blaney

Former fundraiser for Governor George E. Pataki and President George W. Bush

Barb Brady Stober

Former State Committeewoman and County Chair, Michigan GOP

Julie Creal

Former State Committeewoman and County Chair, Michigan GOP

Erika Farley

Former Chief of Staff, Michigan Senate

Mary Fisher

Keynote Speaker 1992 Republican National Convention

Lori Galvin

Former Precinct and State Committeewoman, Arizona GOP

Barbara Haveman

Activist, Michigan GOP

A. James Heynen

Chairman, RTM, Limited

Cate Jansma

Community and Ministry Leader

Angela Boldrey

Former County Chair, Michigan GOP

Paul King

Republican Public Opinion & Survey Research Executive

Bob LaBrant

Former Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Michigan Chamber of Commerce

Joseph Lhota

Former Deputy Mayor of New York City

Mike MacLaren

Former President of Michigan Press Association

Paul Massey

Republican Candidate for New York City Mayor, CEO B6 Real Estate Advisors

Dan Musser III

Chairman, Grand Hotel, Former Board Member, Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce

Cassandra Pye

Former Deputy Chief of Staff to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Gary Reed

Former Executive Director, Michigan GOP

Field Reichardt

Former State Committeeman and District Committee Chair, Michigan GOP

Marc Speiser

Former Chief of Staff, Michigan Senate

Jack Spielman

Retired Army Civilian, GS-15

Mattie Timmer

Former Gubernatorial Policy Office and Chief of Staff, Michigan Senate

Peter Wills

Former Chief of Staff, Michigan Senate

Chuck Hagel

Former U.S. Senator, NE and United States Secretary of Defense under Barack Obama

William Webster

Former Director of the FBI and CIA under Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush

Ann Veneman

Former Secretary of Agriculture, Executive Director of UNICEF

Richard Armitage

Former Deputy Secretary of State under George W. Bush

John Negroponte

Former Deputy Secretary of State under George W. Bush and Barack Obama

Sean O’Keefe

Former Secretary of the United States Navy and chairman of Airbus Group, Inc.

Michael Leiter

Former Director of United States National Counterterrorism Center

John Bellinger III

Former Legal Adviser for National Security Council under George W. Bush

Elizabeth Neumann

Former senior advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff of the Department of Homeland Security

David Zimov

Senior Foreign Service, U.S. Department of State

Sarah Lenti

National Security Council Official under President George W. Bush

Tom Ross

Former Delaware GOP State Chairman, Former RNC Ethics Committee Member

Michael Steele

Former Chairman Republican National Committee and Lt. Governor of Maryland

Kathleen Shanahan

Jeb Bush’s former Chief of Staff

Emil Frankel

Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy under President Bush

Cole Wist

Former State Representative, Colorado

Rick Bandstra

Former Court of Appeals Judge and State Representative, Michigan

Bill Bobier

Former State Representative, Michigan

William Byl

Former State Representative, Michigan

John Jellema

Former State Representative, Michigan

Brett Gillespie

Grand Ledge, Michigan City Council

Martha Allday

Longtime staff member for Republican Senator John Tower

Carolyn Bacon Dickson

Former Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator John G. Tower

Susan Bevan

Former co-Chair of Majority Republican for Choice

Roy Bostock

Retired, Chairman and CEO, D’Arcy Masius Benton& Bowles, Inc.

Susan Cullman

Former co-Chair of Majority Republican for Choice

Michael Fernandez

Chairman, MBF Healthcare Partners

Patricia Goldman

Former President of the Wish List, Republican appointee to NTSB

David Heckler

Former PA State Senator, Bucks County DA

Steve Kurzman

Asst. Secretary for Legislation HEW under Nixon and Ford

Julie Meier Wright

Former CA Secretary of Trade and Commerce

Eileen Padberg

President, Eileen Padberg Consulting

Ted Roosevelt IV

Chair of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

Robert Yudin

Former Republican County Chairman, Bergen County, NJ

John Farmer

Director of the Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience at Rutgers

Sarah Becker

Former White House Staff, under George W. Bush

Chris Brennan

Former Bush/Cheney Campaign Official, 2000 & 2004

Matt Fogal

Current District Attorney, Franklin County, PA

Senator Larry Pressler

Former Senator from South Dakota

Marc Racicot

Former Governor of Montana and Chairman of the Republican National Committee