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The Time Is Now

A pandemic, economic collapse, racial unrest, and foreign dictators interfering in our elections have brought our country to the brink.

30 million unemployed, and worst of all, over 180,000 American lives tragically lost, due to this President’s gross incompetence and strategic choices in his response to COVID19.

Donald Trump’s daily assaults on our nation’s founding principles pose an existential threat to the future of the Republic.

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Our Case for Joe Biden

Joe Biden has dedicated his life to steady leadership and public service. He has a plan to address the pandemic, to jump start our economy, and to rebuild our critical relationships with our global allies.

Joe Biden knows what it is to grieve, and to heal. He is a man of deep faith and compassion who sees the best in us as a nation, not the worst.

We do not suggest that Joe Biden will be a conservative president, but we know that he will be a strong, steady, American President, led by a reverence for the Constitution and a profound belief in “Liberty and Justice For All.”

Joe Biden is ready to meet this moment. We are ready to vote for him for President of the United States of America.

Latest News & Updates

Republicans and Independents for Biden Forum"

October 15, 2020

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Republicans and Independents for Biden Announces More Than 30 New Steering Committee Members and Virtual Forum on October 8th

October 7, 2020 -  Press Release

Announcing the addition of more than thirty new Steering Committee members, including key leaders in U.S. national security.

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