He has no idea what it means to be an American–he never has. Donald Trump has shown us over and over again what kind of person he is. Who is Donald Trump?

He’s a shady businessman who claims to be a billionaire while reporting tremendous losses so that he can pay $0 in taxes. He’s a draft dodger who calls the men and women who bravely defended our country “losers” and “suckers.” He’s someone who claims to love America, but puts our security at risk with hundreds of millions of dollars in debt to foreign powers. Who is really pulling the strings when our President owes them so much money?

Donald Trump is a coward who doesn’t know what sacrifice is and who is willing to destroy our country for his own gain. He knows real Republicans are running from him. That’s why he is courting the extreme fringes of the GOP and giving racism, white nationalism, and confederate flags a home with his campaign.

Enough is enough. We cannot allow this tax-dodging, draft-dodging, gutless presidency continue. It’s time for change.